How to hold the baseball and get ready to pitch

Welcome back and thanks again to Nik as I bring him back to talk to you about how to hold the baseball getting ready to pitch.

Hey!  What’s going on guys?  Nik Edmondson.  Before we get into talking about the mechanics of pitching, before we talk about performance, before we talk about all of that, we need to understand, “How do I hold the baseball and how does this hand work?”  So the first thing is I want to create that C or that backward C.  I want to put two fingers across, obviously little kids may want three, but about 10 and up, I want two fingers over, and I want the fingertips on the seams.  That’s going to give me a lot of control.  Eventually, I’m going to be able to start doing a lot of different things with the baseball, but for now, we’re talking about control, fingers on the seams.

Now that you are ready to grip the baseball.  You wan to leave some space between your palm and the baseball.  That’s going to allow the ball to rest right in that finger pocket so that you can really kind of slingshot the main two fingers.  It’s going to give you a little extra boost for throwing the baseball.  Now, wherever our slot is, the only thing I want to say is you don’t want to get your slots super high.  you want to get that elbow with the shoulder to keep it healthy.  Any time this elbow rides, you are impinging your shoulder.  So, that’s really the main thing there.  Wherever my slot is, I want my hand on top of the baseball.  The hand on top of the baseball is going to give the control.  Any time the hand drops to the side, the ball is going to move.  So I want the hand on top for control.

So remember, as we move into mechanics, as we move into throwing the baseball, get the four-seam grip, put the ball in your fingers, understand we’ve got to get on top of the ball with the hand and really put that ball in the pocket there.  Nice spacing between, the palm and the ball, and the thumb on the bottom of the ball.  It’s really important guys that we know how to hold the ball and that’s going to allow us to be successful throwing the baseball.

Thanks for watching guys!  Keep checking back as we’re going to go into mechanics.  Thanks guys!

Nik Edmondson is a renowned sports psychology consultant, coach, trainer, author, speaker and member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is the founder and CEO of Now Performance which specializes in training tools and methods for taking athletes to the next level. Nik has consulted with and trained some of the top up and coming athletes in their field as well as organizations. His company has a full line of training videos, books and programs designed to take you to the next level, no matter what your level is, even if you think you have tried it all.

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